Step by Step Guide to Atomy Business

Being successful with Atomy Business isn't hard. Here is the step-by-step guide to be successful with your Atomy Business.

1. Become an Atomy member

It is FREE to become an Atomy member. There are no fees, period. Become a member, and take a look around.

2. Start Using Atomy Products

Start using Atomy products. Start small. Pick an item you already use everyday, like toothpaste, and simply buy that from Atomy instead of Costco or Walmart. Your life just changed for better because you are using a better product at a better price. Keep on using that product. If you do this, you will start to understand what Atomy's motto, "Absolute Quality, Absolute Price" means. Then you will notice yourself replacing other items you use everyday with Atomy products. That just makes sense.

3. Tell Others About Atomy Products

You should now have a few Atomy products that just became part of your life. Start sharing those Atomy products with the people around you. Simply tell them: "I changed my toothpaste because it's cheaper, and I like it better than my old toothpaste." Sharing Atomy products with others doesn't have to be making cold calls, knocking on strangers' doors, or bugging others to starting using Atomy products. Instead, it's like talking about a good movie you watched last night. "Hey, I tried this toothpaste and it smells like honey!"

If you want to go an extra mile, write a blog post or post something on your social media. It will make your job of "telling others" easier. If someone asks you about an Atomy product you use, tell them, "Hey, do you want to checkout my post about Atomy toothpaste?" And if you did a good job writing a post, you will be reaching out to more people than you think because good contents will bring curious people through online searches.

4. Help Others Become Atomy Members

The people you know now want to buy the products you're using. Simply show them how to become an Atomy member. Give them your sponsor number, or your downline's sponsor number. When people become members this way, they're here to do what Atomy members do: Use Atomy products.

5. Help Others to Share Atomy With Others

Now you have a team under you who are active Atomy products users. Now, help them to share their enthusiasm about Atomy products with the people they know. Teach them how you've told your Atomy story, such as how Atomy's Absolute skincare products fixed your acne problems, or how HemoHIM helped to stop frequent colds. If you help your team to share Atomy with others, you're empowering your team to grow on its own. 

6. Tell Others About Atomy Compensation Plan

At this point, everyone is regularly using Atomy products and naturally sharing Atomy with others. Such actions naturally activates the Atomy Compensation Plan, and your team will starting seeing commissions deposited into their accounts. They now they are happy to see those extra income. And they will be curious to see what is possible. Show them the possibilities. Show them how it is possible to make up to $100k a month just by continuing to do what they've already been doing. Now they're motivated, and you and your team will grow exponentially together. The Atomy Compensation Plan will make all members of your team reach financial freedom.


Being successful is simple. Stick to the simple rule of using Atomy products yourself, then sharing Atomy with others. 

Hope this post helps, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Team!