How Much Commission Do You Actually Make On Atomy?

Atomy commission system can be confusing at first, until you actually receive a commission. So we'll show you how much you can make, with a real screenshot of Atomy commission deposits from an USA member.

  • The above member is an Agent (meaning she accumulated 300,000 PV with her membership).

  • Each of the above payment is for a score of 15 per commission. That means in order to earn around $57 commission, she had to have a total of 300,000 PV under each of her legs.

Hope this helps to paint a picture on actual commission. If you want a more detail information on the Atomy commission structure, please read the following page: The Atomy Compensation Plan.

If you want to join Atomy to start earning commission just by using Atomy products, 
please visit the following page: 

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