ATOMY Global Membership Registration Guideline (English)

Before proceeding to Atomy registration, please be sure to check and agree the guideline below.

  1. Foreigners Living Abroad can only join as a Consumer Member. With the official opening of each relevant country’s website, Consumer Members who comply with required procedures will be approved to establish official membership.

  2. When a Foreigners Living Abroad registers as a new member, the company may request a copy of their national identification card in accordance specified by the company for verification purposes.

  3. Consumer Members will not accumulate downline PV.

  4. Members agree to submit additional required documents with official openings of each country’s website.

  5. One membership ID is given per a person. (Includes dual citizenship holders)

  6. Married couples are allowed only one membership ID. (Includes Line Change)

  7. Foreigners Living Abroad will not be subjected to the automatic withdrawal policy based on order.

  8. All members must register with their legal name.

  9. If a member finds a defect in a product within three months after purchasing the product from the company, they can exchange or return it.

  10. A change of name is not possible in principle, except in the case of inheritance due to death.

  11. A member shall not register a specific person as a lower-level member without the individual’s consent.

  12. It is prohibited to sell products using the internet or mobile services without prior consent or approval from the company.

  13. In the case of violation of the ‘Required Guideline Before Registration’, sanctions corresponding to disqualification, suspension, warning, and caution may be imposed.

  14. Any member may withdraw from membership according to their will.

  15. If a member voluntarily withdraws, they may apply for registration again only if they have not performed any activities for 12 months (365 days) from the date of withdrawal.

Check all the pre-subscription checks and agree to them and proceed with the sign up.

(Retrieved 2021/7/7)